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Who are we

We develop and run software products, especially web applications. We work with Linux, SQL, Ruby, HTTP, HTML & CSS and JavaScript. We design functional user interfaces, we do customer support, and we do enjoy developing our products further after the launch.

Our vision is to be a company beneficial for it's wide surroundings with activities both in for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Our Products

E-commerce is the fastest growing area of internet which constantly evolves. For users of Shoptet, biggest e-shop platform in Czech Republic, we develop and run e-shop addons Label Printer and Product Widgets.

New Fish

How much time does you team spend with administration? How much with customer support? What was the total for last month? New Fish is a web application for measuring and analyzing time spent by your team.



You can get in touch with e-mail at or by phone at + 420 721 242 649.